Kilobyte.Farm is a community farming project built on the PulseChain blockchain


When Kilobyte was launched the developer provided 1,000,000 PLS and 800,000 KB to the liquidity pool and burned the initial LP tokens. 200,000 KB was divided between the four team members equally and the KB farming rewards began 6 hours post launch.


Farming is a fun DeFi concept and was one of the first style of projects in DeFi. Farming allows users to deposit liquidity (pair tokens) or single assets into the farming contract and earn a portion of the rewards (Emissions)

What is a pair token? (LP)

Pair tokens or “LP” tokens are tokens that you get from providing liquidity on a decentralized exchange such as DexTop. How it works is you supply the required assets, for example KB and PLS will create the required KB/PLS pair token. When you create liquidity you provide equal value on either side: so if you’re adding 1,000,000 PLS you will also need to provide 1,000,000 PLS worth of KB on the KB side. This is done through the Add Liquidity page. When you submit the transaction and supply the required liquidity, the factory then mints you a pair token that represents what you supplied. This pair token is what is required to deposit into the farming contract to receive rewards.


KB has an emission rate of 0.56kb per second which equals out to 48,384 KB per day or 17,660,160 KB per year.

Pool Weights

Each farming pool has a pool weight attached to it. This pool weight is what decides how many emissions go to each pool. The most heavily rewarded pool is KB/PLS and KB/DEX, you can view each pools weight by checking the farm details information provided at the bottom of each farm.


The farms paired with KB have no fees, while other farms may have a deposit & withdrawal fee. You can check the details for a specific farm by opening the farming details present at the bottom of each farm.

Contract Addresses

KB: 0xaC55cd59F4d97c50FBeC9b0812352e15BC5d2e59

Masterchef: 0x24321b16e1AF2FEC2EA8543091257BcbB5873BC7